Content Marketing Academy | Is Content Marketing Right for You?

If you've ever read the "suggested recipe" on a bottle of mustard, it's always for a casserole that requires three cups of mustard.


You can't exactly expect the mustard guys to encourage you to moderate your mustard intake.

"Really, mustard guys?" you might ask. "I've always used a tablespoon of mustard in my vinaigrette."

"That's what you're doing wrong!" they shout. "In fact, the best salad dressing is pure mustard! Just drench that salad in mustard! Your dinner guests will love it!"

Content Marketing Academy You really don't need this much mustard.

You probably expect us to say that everyone needs content marketing, and the more the better. We've learned over the years, however, that not everyone is ready for content marketing. Here's a quick checklist that can tell you whether content marketing is a good fit for your business. We may not sell as much mustard, but we're confident your salad dressing will taste delicious.

Content marketing is a good fit if:

  1. Your business relies on website leads. At least some of your prospective customers should come via the Web, plain and simple. The more your business relies on website leads, the better the fit for content marketing.
  2. You have an established sales process. You need a process for converting leads into paying customers. The more well-defined your sales process, the more effective your content marketing will be.
  3. You have an established paid search campaign. Companies already running a PPC campaign are in a better position to determine campaign ROI, so they're a better fit for content marketing [read our blog post on that topic].

Now that we've covered the basics of content marketing, let's get into the specifics of creating great content for your website. Read on.

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