Content Marketing Academy | What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is attracting prospective customers through interesting content.

Take you, for instance. You're reading this page – this content – because you're interested in content marketing. On the following pages, we'll briefly explain everything we've learned in 20+ years of content marketing, in bite-sized pages that you can read over lunch.

Content Marketing Academy Or you can read them for lunch.

Good content marketing does two things:

  1. It grows your business. This is the point of all marketing, which many marketers seem to forget. Good content marketing brings in new customers by attracting their attention, then directing them to do something (the Call To Action).
  2. It makes your business better. When you invest in good content, it not only makes your business better, it makes the Web better, and it makes the world better. One good test of content quality is to ask, "Does this content make the Web better?"

Content marketing is counterintuitive. You have to continually ask, How can I provide the most value to my prospective customers, before they ever pay me a dime? In this section, for example, we're giving you our best advice for free. We could easily package this into a course and charge you thousands of dollars.

The advantage is that by helping you, we're helping ourselves. You will get more useful information out of this section than a hundred Media Shower ads. That good stuff will rub off on you, and you'll remember us. Maybe you'll even become a Media Shower customer.

Unlike other forms of marketing, content marketing is rewarding because it makes the world better. If this sounds like the kind of philosophy that excites you, then you'll love what's on the pages to come. Read on.

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