Content Marketing Academy | Five-Minute Summary

In twenty-plus years of content marketing, here are the most important lessons we've learned.

First, evaluate whether content marketing is right for you. Content marketing works best for:

  • B2B companies
  • That use the Web to attract prospective customers
  • That have an established sales process.

The two most important things to consider: content and promotion.

  • Promotion is necessary for getting people to read your content, and
  • Content is necessary to have something to promote (it's hard to promote a homepage).
Content Marketing Academy Even with a megaphone.

Think of content marketing as a process. Content marketing works well if you:

  • Have a single person responsible for content (not a group or committee)
  • Who has an easy way to publish content (e.g., a blog)
  • Who has the availability (and willingness) to publish fresh content each week.

The Call To Action is your single most important metric.

  • Each piece of content should end with a Call To Action (download an ebook, start a free trial, contact us).
  • The CTA should get people into your database; then it's up to your sales process.
  • CTAs should be continually tested and improved.

The final test: Does it make the Web better?

  • Content quality can be determined with one simple question: Does this content make the Web better?
  • Quality content, when produced again and again, will result in more traffic, more leads, and more customers.
  • In the end, content that makes the Web better will make your company better.

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