Blockchain Strategy & Consulting

We package and position blockchain companies to attract great blockchain investors.

And because we work with thousands of investors each month, we know how they think.

Our corporate clients range from entrepreneurs to enterprises, looking to launch projects on the blockchain. Here's how we succeed together.

To attract the best investors, you need the best materials. We're the best at making you look best.

Discovery: The deep dive. Our analyst team meets with you, either in person or by videoconference, and does a half-day or full-day workshop to deeply understand, analyze, and strengthen your blockchain project.

Strategic overview: Your "story" for investors. We tell your story in a way that will be compelling to investors, providing you a detailed messaging plan that includes a market overview, competitive analysis, and key messages to position you for success. Download a sample of our work.

Launch plan: Your roadmap for going live. We include a step-by-step guide on launching your blockchain project, with suggested timing, budgets, and recommendations for key partners in the blockchain industry to get you there.

Business plan: The next generation white paper. We do all the rigor and analysis demanded by quality investors: from your projected financials to your user acquisition strategy. Don't try raising money without it.

Investor pitching: Get accredited investors on board. Partnering with our broker-dealer, we pitch your project to investors, help secure funding, and get your vision in front of the world.

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