Better Communication | Media Shower

Better communication makes better companies.

In this online training series, we'll show you how to make your communication - and your company - better.

Our Media Shower Better Communication video series is the same basic training that we use for all new Media Shower employees. It explains the principles, processes, and people you'll need to build a great communication platform.

Becoming a Communication Superhero

Start here. You'll learn the principles of great communication, and how you can unlock your superpowers. (5 minutes)

The Two Most Important Things

There are two things you need for communicating well in today's media environment. Click here to instantly learn what they are. (10 minutes)

The Great Human Values

Communication works better when it is aligned with the 24 character strengths. Learn what they are, and why this works. (11 minutes)

Action-Packed Content

If you watch one video, this is the one. Learn how to create communication that gets people to take action, and why this is the whole point. (7 minutes)

The New Way of Writing

The way you learned to write in school is wrong. Writing in today's media landscape requires completely different training. This is it. (20 minutes)

How to Improve Content 10x

Content optimization is about testing and measuring what works, then making it better. Here's the formula. (16 minutes)

Content Bottlenecks (+ How to Fix Them)

Most companies have the same problems in their content assembly lines; here are solutions for each of them. (14 minutes)

Making Things Simple

The more complex your message, the more important to simplify. Here are protips for simplification, tested across hundreds of clients. (12 minutes)

Get Better

We're a media company on a mission: to make you better.

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