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To communicate well in today's world, you need a platform. Blogs, newsletters, ebooks, videos, social media: that's your platform. We help you make it better.

In the old days, it was literally just that: a platform where you stood and addressed the crowd.

Today, everyone has something to say. (Even your grandmother has a blog.) Creating a communication platform today requires two things: quality and quantity.

  • Quality means high-value content, targeted to your audience, that gets them to take action.
  • Quantity means a steady stream of content across every channel (blog, newsletters, social media, etc.), published daily.

To produce content with both quality and quantity, we help Media Shower clients create a Content Assembly Line.

The Content Assembly Line. (You need a minimum of five people.)

This assembly line fuels your communication platform. It turns your raw content into refined communication.

This assembly line will:

  • Make high-quality content a consistent, repeatable process;
  • Integrate smoothly with your internal teams;
  • Create better content that's read and consumed by a better audience.

Most important, better content will drive better results -- which will be measured in website traffic, sales leads, and new customers.

Better People Make a Better Product

At Media Shower, it's not just the process. It's the people.

You'll get a dedicated team of marketing and communication professionals. We are a full-time team of strategy specialists (quality) plugged into a large team of content creators (quantity). We plug into your marketing team, giving you more power and juice.

You'll get a monthly package of content and promotion, centered around your blog, and supported by a variety of promotional channels (newsletters, social media, etc.), driving to lead-generating downloadables (think ebooks).

You'll get access to our content platform, which is how we deliver your content, manage feedback and revisions from your team, and (most important) report on your results.

The Media Shower platform: Our secret sauce.

Get Better

We're a media company on a mission: to make you better.

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