Media Shower Blockchain Marketing Consulting

We help enterprises and Fortune 1000 companies surf the tidal wave of change that blockchain technologies are bringing to the marketing organization:

  • Explaining how blockchain works, to every level of your team
  • Identifying new marketing opportunities opened up by the blockchain
  • Developing go-to-market plans to launch those opportunities

At Media Shower, we invented the term New Finance to describe the new world of blockchain, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies that are disrupting the traditional world of finance.

A similar disruption is taking place across the world of marketing. Blockchain technologies, from bitcoin to ICOs, are reshaping the marketing organization.

The technologies are complex, and well beyond the skillset of the typical marketing manager. That's where Media Shower can help.

Built by Marketers, For Marketers

At heart, we're a marketing company. Since 1995, we've worked with marketing leaders at hundreds of companies from financial brands like Intuit and State Street Global Advisors, to high-tech leaders like Dell EMC and Yahoo.

We simplify the technical complexity of blockchain into plain-English explanations. (The blockchain? It's like everybody sharing in balancing a checkbook.)

At the same time, we bring deep subject matter expertise from publishing the leading investment website Bitcoin Market Journal, where we've analyzed hundreds of blockchain projects, explaining them to ordinary investors.

We're the rare company that can bridge the worlds of blockchain and marketing. We're a unicorn.

How We Can Help

Our team of marketers, analysts, and blockchain experts can help with custom consulting projects:

  • Blockchain education for your corporate team, built from our internal training programs

  • Blockchain opportunity identification, from initial SWOT analyses to complete marketing plans

  • Blockchain business planning, advising on Initial Coin Offerings, token sales, or digital currencies.

We specialize in projects that sit at the intersection of marketing, finance, and technology. To discuss your project, contact us by email or phone.

Download our Plain-English Blockchain Report

Get a free download of our analyst report on Ripple, the blockchain project that has increased in value by 4300% (that's not a typo). Our Analyst Reports are a great example of how we make the blockchain accessible to everyone.

Thanks for your interest. Download our Ripple Analyst Report here.